Aviary, 2008

"Aviary" was completed in my sophomore year of college.  I had found a pad of old, yellowed newsprint paper and I loved the color and texture of this fragile material.  I then proceeded to draw one of my favorite things, my pet birds, on this beautiful surface.  Birds, like the paper, are soft and delicate, but they also hardly ever sit still.  Each drawing, completed in 1-3 minutes, contained many stray lines representing movement, and I decided to hang all 116 of the drawings in a way that would also facilitate movement.  The staggering and overlapping of these loosely hanging pieces of paper reminded me of the way feathers lay on the chest of a bird.  Below are a few detail shots of some of my favorite drawings.

Below is the second part of the "Aviary project" in which I made a small scale model to create the illusion of an installation that filled an entire room.  Each drawing is 1.5" tall.

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